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Palmer Suk


Walt Tomme


Palmer is a business professional committed to excellence and willing to take action to do whatever it takes to make excellence a reality in his organization. He has vision and acts on the vision. I would recommend him highly as a man to be trusted with your staffing and executive placement needs.


Bob Snelling

Former Chairman, Snelling & Snelling

I have known Palmer for over 30 years. He is an outstanding business Manager/Executive. Steeped in Sales & Marketing, with an uncanny ability to hire, train, mentor & motivate large staffs of outstanding people. His expertise spans Human Resources, Recruiting, Advertising, Finances, P&L, Management, Association Activity, et al. A fine outstanding, highly moral, articulate and persuasive businessman.


Jim Gibson SPHR

Executive Director, Human Resources

Palmer demonstrates the highest level of integrity and professionalism in the professional search and staffing industry. His creativity and work ethic enabled him to leap to the forefront within the industry and become an example to follow for owners with many more years of experience. He has the ability to transfer his passion and energy to his staff to create a vibrant and thriving enterprise.


Brian K. Miller

Chief Operating Officer, Partner

I have had the privilege of being associated with Palmer for over 20 years. I’ve seen Palmer grow into a talented and successful entrepreneur. Today’s economy is changing more rapidly than ever before. To survive and thrive, you have to be able to continually assess your strengths and your areas of opportunity and then execute quickly on closing your gaps. I’ve always known Palmer to have the ability to keep his business functioning profitably today and be that visionary that’s looking on the horizon to make adjustments to be even more profitable tomorrow.

The traps that typical entrepreneurs run into include showing up as a “technician” instead of a marketer and business promoter. Not Palmer. Palmer has his priorities straight. He’s focused on business development and providing superior service to his clients. And he does so by recruiting a talented team of professionals to deliver exceptional service. Palmer understands the importance of basics and keeping his team focused. He also has that uncanny ability to think outside the box to come up with creative solutions to service his customers. I have been part of creative thinking teams and sold business to business services right alongside Palmer. Palmer is a “possibilities” person. Instead of saying it cannot be done, Palmer is the kind of person that will say “How can we do it?”


Paula Turner Pizarro

Vice President

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Palmer Suk to anyone who is considering working with him or using his services. I first met Palmer over 20 years ago when he opened his Snelling operation. He impressed me with his business acumen, ability to hire and train top talent, and his sales and marketing savvy. Palmer quickly built his business up to become one of the top businesses in a very competitive market. He is the personification of professionalism, is exceptionally talented, results oriented, has wonderful people skills, is always available to lend a helping hand to others, and is a man of strong character.


Debbie Zurinski

Vice President

“Wow and results are the first 2 words that I think of when I think of Palmer. His many years of successful recruiting have made him an industry leader with his clients and candidates. If you are looking for a professional to help you recruit, don't hesitate to contact Palmer!”


Darryl Arnold

I have worked with Palmer for many years and can highly recommend him and his services. He has always shown integrity and honesty in all of my dealings with him. I know him as an energetic inventive person who is always looking for a better way to do things. Anyone considering doing business with him would be well advised to be ready for a dynamic enthusiastic person who will go the extra mile to make things happen. Once again, I cannot think of anyone I could recommend above Palmer. He is the GREATEST!


Rick Spragins

Mr. Suk has been a colleague and friend of mine for the last 22 years. Palmer was one of the top Snelliing  owners and ran an incredible operation. Palmer has a great business mind, encompassing all the necessary CEO qualities to run any company. Palmer has the financial, visionary, and operational skills required to make a difference while increasing shareholder value. His charisma and ability to develop and motivate people make him a great leader.


Maura Ryan-Kaiser

“I have had the pleasure of working with Palmer for the past year as a fellow member of the Advisory Board, nominated and elected by his peers and approved by the Board for the maximum allowed term.  During that time, Palmer consistently represented his constituents with the strongest of ethics. He is always concerned with the good of the entire network, and is one of the first people on the committee to advocate for his constituents. Palmer has a very strong moral code and he does not compromise his moral and ethical standards for any personal gain. I highly recommend Palmer as a professional.”


Heather Mayfield

“Palmer is on my speed dial when I am looking to the field for best practices to share about recruiting! As a business leader that is also in the trenches, he provides tremendous value in making our training programs real to the experienced recruiter audience. He is committed to exceeding client’s expectations, and offers practical solutions to issues that clients & recruiters face in today’s marketplace.”


Katie Bucur

Palmer is one of the most creative, business-minded individuals I have ever met. He has such strategic ideas for the training and development of his staff and he is always willing to share his ideas and approaches to business with those that he can help. I have been continually impressed with his knowledge, wisdom, and ability to meet the goals that he continues to set and overachieve. Palmer is a one of a kind business leader whose perspective and approach are much appreciated!


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