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delivering results...achieving your mission

Exceeding Expectations in Executive Search & Recruitment

Madison Harris Corporation delivers exceptional results in executive search and professional recruitment that exceed the high expectations of a demanding market.

Madison-Harris was founded by Palmer Suk, whose 25+ years’ leadership in the executive search and recruitment field has produced over 5,000 successful placements with top organizations that range from the largest Fortune 500 corporations to start-up entities. 

Often quoted by national news media, Palmer has received numerous national recognition awards from industry peers, establishing the highest industry bench-marks for operational excellence, while delivering exceptional results to clients.

Madison-Harris helps clients and candidates achieve the success they desire, providing unique access to the most sought-after talent and opportunities/organizations, pinpointing the attributes each client and candidate values most, while providing pertinent information and insight, professional advice and interview preparation, timely follow-up, and confidentiality, all with minimal disruption to today's busy schedules.

Utilizing skilled professional direct-search and recruitment processes. and leaning on a huge network of top professionals individually developed one by one over the past 25+ years (over 100,000 direct contacts), we get the job done the right way the first time, delivering exceptional results for clients - results that have positive impact in increasing client market-share, revenue, and profits, lowering hiring and retention costs, saving time, money, and reducing distractions and aggravations, while delivering the greatest recruiting and hiring ROI possible.

Madison-Harris finds and attracts the very best person for the job, going through our due-diligence process with the effeciency afforded by years of success, providing insight that ensures best-informed decision-making, and maintaining trust and confidentiality throughout the search process.

Our clients span a broad spectrum of organizational types and industries that include Federal Government Contractors (Defense, Intelligence, Cyber Security, Homeland Security, Justice, Health, and more), IT - Information Technology and Software Development Corporations, Social and Digital Media Companies, Digital Advertising Agencies, Engineering, Public Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Capitol Hll, Federal Health Services, Clinical Health Care, Physicians, Oil & Gas, Environmental, Banking and Financial Services, Real Estate, Associations, Recording Industry, Radio Broadcasters, Tour Promoters, Entertainment Agencies, Publishing, and an array of other industries. 

Whether an organization seeking the best talent, or a professional exploring career opportunities, call Madison-Harris today for a free professional consultation.

madison-harris delivering results...achieving your mission!

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